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Sex of all kinds.
Hello all, I am Eloise-Jennifer aka rainbowcolored7/rc7. Things were getting a little messy over in my journal so I made this community to house all of my fanfiction from all the different fandoms I write in. This community is for me to post only. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to message me at my personal journal. :) I don't bite, hard. I promise. ♥

If anyone wishes to translate my fanfiction please ask me first. Thank you.

Current Projects:
- Closing In On The L Word: Bill/Bushido Tom/Bill
- Yin and Yang series: Tom/Bill
- Crush: Tom/Bill (femmeslash)
- Feeding the Sickness collab with Exklusiv: Tom/Bill

Temporary Hiatus Projects:
- Protége Moi: Tom/Georg
- All Things Magical: Scipio/Prosper
- In Your Bed of Roses: Tom/Bill - handing over to Exklusiv aka norcalnoise

Behind the Scenes:
- Dance Magic, Dance: Tom/OFC Tom/Bill
- Orchard of Mines: Tom/Bill
- A Siren's Call: Tom/OFC Tom/Bill Bill/Bushido
- Sober: Tom/Bill
- Control: Tom/Bill
- Eyes Like Yours: Bill/Bushido
- Undertow: Tom/Bill
- Driven: Tom/Bill
- Pictures: Tom/Bill
- Sovereign
- Mykonos: Tom/Bill
- The Finest Hours: Tom/Bill
- All The Pretty Ponies: Tom/OFC Bill/OFC
- Humanoid City: Bill/Tom Bill/OFC's (related twins)
- Skin & Bones: Tom/Bill (related twins)
- I Get Off (collab): Tom/Bill (related twins)
- Follow Me: Tom/Bill (unrelated twins)
- White Horse: Twins/Lady Gaga

You can also find my Tokio Hotel fanfiction here at Tokio Hotel Fiction under the username 'rainbowcolored7'.

Enjoy! ♥


All banners for fics made by me. No stealage please.